It's All Greek to Me RPG

Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus RPG

It’s all Greek to Me is a Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus RPG for
multi-para and novella role-players. Using the world Rick Riordan has
set up for us, we explore plausible and unique story-lines without
straying too far from the canon story-line. The RPG is forum based to
avoid deletion and writing limitations. Each member will have access to
his/her own board which branches out into sub-boards to replicate the
feel of a ‘profile’.

Canon characters are loved; from Demi-Gods,
 Gods, and other Mythological beings. Originals are also welcomed as
long as they don’t disrupt canon.

Not only will you find
socially entertaining story-lines, but epic ones as well. There will be
fun and there will be tragedy. We want Heroes, we want Villains. We want
 to continue to grow. All you have to do is audition (4-6 paragraphs).

You can investigate the group

And you can also check out
roles and how to audition.

Popular Roles that ARE available;
Percy Jackson, Piper McLean, Reyna, Frank, and Hazel.

With the new information given by Son of Neptune we will be working hard to incorporate more of the Roman aspect of the story-line into the group. We just need a few good Romans.

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